Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tanking gear to-do list

My druid hit level 80 tonight!

I wasn't really sure at first what I'd want to do the endgame with on her, but I've finally decided that I'll make her a bear. I tanked, healed and dps'd quite a few instances while levelling, and of all of them, tanking was the most fun role. I'm already used to dpsing on Toshi, so I didn't warm up to boomkin very well. It is, however, a very fun spec for levelling and I must give it credit for that at least.

Reading the tanking gear post on Big Bear Butt, I've come up with a small to-do list to build Tora's tank set. Mostly for my own reference. :D

chest - Exotic Leather Tunic (UP quest), Crystal Infused Tunic (H Nexus)
feet - Slag Footguards (H HoL), Gorloc Muddy Footwraps (H Gun'drak)
legs - Gored Hide Legguards (H Gun'drak), Chain Gang Legguards
hands - Bile Cured Gloves (CoT Strat), Handwraps of Preserved History (CoT quest)
head - Shroud of Darkness (H VH)
neck - Amulet of Wills (HoS)
shoulder - Spaulders of the Careless Thief (H Nexus), Trollwoven (LW)
weapon - Enraged Feral Staff (H UK), Staff of Trickery (H VH)
belt - Sharp Barbed Leather Belt (H UK)
bracer - Bindings of the Tunneler (H UK)
back - Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions (rep)
trinket - Offering of Sacrifice (H Gun'drak), Essence of Gossamer (H AN)
rings - Keystone Great-Ring (H DTK), Band of Frosted Thorns (H Nexus), Ring of Earthen Might (JC), Iceforged Battle Ring (Storm Peaks quest chain)

Looks like we'll be running mostly heroic Gun'drak and Utgarde Keep for a while! Also not forgetting that Gal'darah drops a nice melee dps ring as well.

I'll probably try to gear up my resto set along the way as well, because I like healing almost as much as tanking. (this is why I rolled a druid!) But I did it through all of Outland, and halfway through Northrend, so I'm a little sick of it. Tanking is really what's getting my druid going at the moment.

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