Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Big Post of 3.1 Hunter Changes

Taking a leaf from T&C's book, I've decided to compile a post detailing the 3.1 changes for Hunters. I've found one of the popular searches that turn up at my blog are pet changes, so I'll start with that.

6 March - Added changes from Build 9637.

8 march - Added changes from Build 9658.
18 March - Added links to Ulduar loot lists.

Pet Changes
A new tier of pet talents has been added, and are only accessible to Beast Mastery hunters who have the 51 point BM talent.

Wild Hunt (two ranks) increases your gear contribution for Stam and Attack Power to your pets by 40%. This talent is present in all three pet trees. At the moment cited to be a little overpowered, watch for that percentage to drop a bit before going live.

Shark Attack (two ranks), increases pet's damage with all attacks by 6%, and is the new last tier talent for Ferocity pets.

Silverback (two ranks), heals your pet for 2% of its health every time it Growls. New last tier talent for Tenacity pets.

Thunderstomp, the former Gorilla family special, is being added to the Tenacity tree. All Tenacity pets may now have the ability. One rank only, and has had a slight damage reduction but still confers the bonus threat. Pummel (similar to Warrior ability of the same name) has been replaced as the Gorilla family special. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds and is a 2 second silence.

General Hunter Changes
  • All ammo now stacks to 1000. Quivers and ammo pouches are being removed. This change is currently not yet live.
  • Call Stabled Pet, a new ability which lets you change your pets anywhere and implemented for the benefit of dual specs. Has a 30 minute cooldown.
  • Kill Shot no longer has a minimum range, and has its cooldown reduced by 3 seconds.
  • Haste bonus previously from ammo pouches/quivers has been incorporated into Auto Shot.
  • Aspect of the Pack now affects whole raid, and increased to have a 40 yard radius.
Marksman Changes
  • Piercing Shots now places a bleed effect over 8 seconds upon critical hits, instead of increasing armor penetration.
  • Ranged Weapon Specialization reduced from 5 ranks to 3.
  • Wild Quiver has a 2% increased chance of proccing at max rank.
  • Viper Sting has been changed - Stings the target, draining 4% mana over 8 sec (up to a maximum of 8% of the caster's maximum mana), and energizing the Hunter equal to 300% of the amount drained.
  • Chimera Shot mana cost reduced by 4%.
  • Rapid Recuperation now gives you 4% of your mana every 3 sec while under the effect of Rapid Fire.
Survival Changes
  • Explosive Shot has been nerfed - base damage reduced by 10%, attack power scaling reduced by 12.5%.
  • Black Arrow is the new 50 point talent, and is needed to take Explosive Shot. It increases your damage to target by 6% and deals damage over 15 seconds. It shares the trap cooldown and can proc Lock and Load. Trap Mastery, Resourcefulness and T.N.T. now all affect Black Arrow.
  • Lock and Load now only procs off traps and Black Arrow.
  • T.N.T. now increases damage done by Explosive Shot/Explosive Trap/Immolation Trap. (used to increase crit chance of Explosive Shot and chance to stun)
  • Trap Mastery moved to second tier.
  • Hunting Party now 3 ranks instead of 5.
  • Wyvern Sting duration increased from 12 sec to 30 sec. PvP duration reduced from 10 sec to 6 sec. Now has an increased cooldown of 1.5 minutes.
Graphical changes
  • Rapid Fire activation has a new animation.
  • Lock and Load proc has a new animation.
  • Improved Aspect of the Hawk proc has a new animation.
Ulduar hunter loot


  1. I imagine the final tier of pet talents will be for the BM tree of hunters? I hope so, I hope BM gets some love.
    What do you think of the stacking ammo? Will you just have two big stacks and keep refilling the one as it gets lower? I can not even imagine having an extra bag!
    I hope some of the bloggers specialize in soloing content. I read your entries, I tried UK on reg once my gorilla hit 80. I could get the first two guys but couldn't keep my pet alive when several of the guys ganged up on him. I'm better geared now, I should try it. I wonder if Solo Pet Tanking in dungeons is using special builds? Or tactics I've not tried or thought of yet; I'd imagine using feign death a lot might be part of it. In UK, I just ran and ran back towards the port entrance to flee the mobs.

    Keep posting!

  2. Yep, that last tier of pet talents is only accessible to BM hunters with the Exotic Pet talent.
    I have no idea how the stacking ammo mechanic will work, they really need to put that on the PTR..
    If you're interested in pet tanking and the like, check out Big Red Rhino, I have his link in my blogroll. :) I've found a lot of solo pet tanking (especially for trying out raid bosses) do have a special BM build that maximises pet health and avoidance.