Saturday, March 21, 2009

Several things...

I haven't posted any art lately, so have a shot of my sketchbook.

There've been several successive guild dramas lately, and it eventually culminated in a mistaken transferal of GM-ship and said person then proceeded to ninja most of the guild bank about one hour later. Two of our best dps have left for another guild, our original GM may not be back for two weeks while they sort out his account, and the merge with that other guild has pretty much failed. The whole story is long and I'm not really at liberty to talk about it here. In short, I probably won't be raiding aside from the lucky PUG.

I can't say I'm too happy about this; but of course, no one would be. I told myself I'd post as little guild drama on this blog as possible, but because of the outcome of this recent spat, I find myself unable to raid and therefore possibly unable to maintain content.

My characters' futures are still currently unsure. I've long considered the current content "boring", so it may be worthwhile to take a break while things sort themselves out, and with patch 3.1 coming soon it may be the right time to do that. But if the guild doesn't reform itself, I may delve into arena or something else. But in the meantime I'm not sure.

In other news, I spiffed up Tora's UI a bit. It was largely inspired by one of Ishtara's old, unuploaded uis, but one which I've always really really liked. I finally managed to pin down that castbar-in-powerbar look too! And it really looks awesome. But sadly I may not be able to raid on it for a while. Who knows?

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