Monday, December 29, 2008

Raiding on a new pc

I got a shiny new pc for Christmas, so I was pretty excited to be raiding tonight. I'd previously been using my bf's laptop to play WoW, and usually in raids it'd be chugging with under 10 frames per second with all the settings on minimum.

There were a few issues with Error #132 and overclocking of the RAM, but I seemed to have solved that problem, thank god. WoW ran perfectly fine for about 5 hours. :)

We went ahead and tried for Less Is More on heroic Sartharion, and it went perfectly. Wiped once due to a mistake on positioning and aggro, and the flame adds overwhelming the dps a little bit. He was on 5% and everything! I was lucky enough to get Fury of the Five Flights to replace my Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood. Thankfully I'd gotten Fool's Trial earlier from Naxx25 to make up for the hit! So right now I'm sitting just under the hit cap and not missing.

I took the shiny new trinket down to IF to test it out on the training dummies, and it's probably one of the best trinkets I've ever had. The proc is up pretty much 100% of the time, because a new stack refreshes the duration on the buff. So pretty much the only time when you'd lose the buff is when you're not attacking anything. Holy crap!

And as of today I am fully epic'd out... except for a stat stick. =.=

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