Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tora's UI

Back when I first brought Tora into Northrend, she had a very drab, plain UI. Stuck at level 69, I didn't have much resolve to level her at alll.

Then one day, I saw a screenshot of a beautiful UI and it inspired me to make what you see here. I spent a lot of time on the eepanels, especially the Recount and Omen ones. To this day the OmenBorderTop still gives me problems and I have to change it every time I log in... but it's so worth it.

Oh, one of the mods I forgot to mention in the previous post...

OmniCC, for tracking cooldowns. I used to use CooldownCount, but found that OmniCC put the cooldown on debuffs in Pitbull as well, which is highly useful for timing Rake/Mangle/Rip reapplications.

Anyway, Tora finally (FINALLY!) got Staff of Trickery from Violet Hold tonight. The Naxx10 guild alt run we did was also pretty productive, I got me some shoulders, a kitty 2h mace, and a very nice chest. My avoidance is up about 2 or 3%, and health increased by 1k, which I am very pleased about.

Incidentally, I ran as kitty dps in the Violet Hold run that got me that staff. Pulled about 1.8-1.9k dps, came 2nd place just shy of the Death Knight, which I'm very happy about. All that reading about kitty dps rotations has really paid off, I think. Didn't do too well on Cyanigosa herself due to an actionbar malfunction though, but I'm really not too fussed.

Overall, Tora's feral dps and tanking sets are coming along awesomely. Hope next week's Naxx10 run is just as good. WTB set bonus! (legs, hands and helm would be nice) :3

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